Rethinking Education

Education is one of those things that is controlled by both the state and federal government. People argue that the education system is badly in need of reform, as there is both a dearth of education in some places of the world. Also, there is a gap between those jobs that students are being trained for and those skills that employers need. Our education system now is very geared towards creating academic people, people who will thrive working for someone else. We highlight the wrong skills and wrongly exclude those that are deemed unimportant, namely creative ones. People who pursue creative degrees are laughed at, while being creative in the world of the internet is more important than ever, as it can lead to great success. How the local, state, and federal government would need to change in order to fix the many problems in the system, from primary school all the way up to college level, is interesting. I don’t know how change the education system to make it more effective, but the links below have some ideas that might help getting us started:

One thought on “Rethinking Education

  1. I’ve always said that we should spend less money on the military and more money in education. Because with more education we wouldn’t need a military.